Calafea Horse Itch-Fixing Oil

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Calafea Horse Itch fixing oil 500 ml is a pure oil, all natural remedy for any horse/dog with stressed and dry skin which is suffering from Queensland itch (sweet itch), acute bites or stings.
Itch is generally caused by the saliva of various midge species inducing an allergic reaction in around a susceptible horses skin.
Only the highest quality food grade ingredients are used :

Lemon Myrtle (not citronella now banned for human skin in EU ) a strong anti bacterial that is edible and non toxic to mucous membranes.

Liquid virgin Coconut Oil which penetrates the skin & coat to begin the healing process & has a strong anti histamine effect breaking the itch cycle within the horses skin.

Neem oil and black cumin seed oil which help to keep away the Midges and mosquitos and supercharge the skin and coat healing process.

– Pure oil ( not water based ) so it goes much further and all natural
– Calafea is completely harmless to your horse – All ingredients are food grade and 100% natural
– Generally one bottle lasts one horse for 1 season

The unique blend of pure and essential oils turbocharge the skin & coat healing process. The healing area will be warmer than non affected areas of your horse’s skin due to all the activity within the skin and increased blood flow. Typically the regeneration occurs within 1-2 weeks.